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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act/Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Houston Fair Debt Collection Lawyers Protect You Against Creditors

TCPA and FDCPA attorneys in Texas relentlessly pursuing your harassing creditors

For years debt collectors and creditors used unethical practices to make people pay their debts.  In some cases, their practices were actually illegal. Their behavior can make it hard for you to think about anything besides your debt. When that happens, you might feel like you’re losing control over your life.

If you’re being harassed by creditors and collectors, hiring the services of a Houston fair debt collection lawyer may help. At the Law Office of David A. Fernandez, P.C., our attorneys strive to protect you from creditor harassment. We take care of your creditors so you can take care of yourself.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

The federal government passed the FDCPA in 1978 to keep creditors from using deceitful practices to elicit payments for overdue debts. The FDCPA and Texas Debt Collection Act work together to protect you from creditors who stop at nothing to obtain their payments.  The acts prevent creditors and collection agencies from:

  • Calling too early in the morning
  • Calling too late at night
  • Using an automated dialer
  • Using profane language
  • Threatening you with harm
  • Threatening you with arrest or with repossession of your belongings
  • Not revealing their identity
  • Suing on a time-barred debt
  • Threatening you with fraudulent court papers
  • Misrepresenting your debt
  • Contacting third parties about your debt
  • Accusing you of fraud
  • Contacting you after you’ve retained the services of a debt collections defense attorney

At the Law Office of David A. Fernandez, P.C., we’re all too familiar with the deceptive, harassing practices used by collection agencies. Our FDCPA lawyers hold creditors who employ these tactics accountable for their illegal behavior — in court.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

Like the FDCPA, the TCPA is designed to eliminate irritating telemarketing and solicitation practices. The attorneys of the Law Office of David A. Fernandez, P.C. have years of experience aggressively pursuing relief from unfair telephone practices for their clients. According to the TCPA, solicitors may not:

  • Call before 8:00 a.m.
  • Call after 9:00 p.m.
  • Solicit with an artificial voice or recording
  • Use an auto-dialer to contact an emergency line, such as 911
  • Send unsolicited faxes
  • Use an auto-dialer to contact anyone who would be charged for the call
  • Ignore or dishonor the National Do Not Call Registry

Our Houston TCPA lawyers take the appropriate legal actions to force accountability onto harassing creditors.

Contact a wrongful debt collection attorney in Houston who can help

You shouldn’t have to suffer through excessive phone calls by irritating creditors. At the Law Office of David A. Fernandez, P.C., we can determine whether your creditors are guilty of breaking the law. To schedule an appointment for a free initial phone consultation with one of our attorneys, call us at 713-893-8509 or contact us online.

Our Recent Lawsuits Filed Against Creditors
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  • "LC vs. Conn's" - $1,026,000

  • "AR vs. Conn's" - $778,500

  • "BB vs. Conn's" - $672,000

  • "GD vs. Conn's" - $636,000

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  • "Mr. Fernandez goes above and beyond to help his clients. I highly recommend his law office." - Lorie A.

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