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Removing a Lien Put on Your Home by a Texas Judgment Creditor

Texas law protects homeowners from certain debt collection practices. One of the protections is the “homestead exemption,” which in general prohibits a creditor from forcing the sale of a debtor’s home to collect on a debt. If a creditor nevertheless takes action against homestead property, the debtor has legal remedies available. When a creditor sues Read More

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Ways to Escape From Medical Debt

Overwhelming medical bills have long been major causes of financial hardship and the problem has worsened during the pandemic. A summer 2020 survey showed that 46 percent of respondents had outstanding medical bills and 56 percent had medical debt sent for collection at some point in their lives. Medical debt is a driving factor in Read More

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How Long Does a Bankruptcy Stay on Your Credit Report?

Many people fear that filing for bankruptcy will be a permanent black mark on their credit rating. They may avoid bankruptcy in the hope that they will be able to salvage their creditworthiness but instead end up digging themselves further into a financial hole. In truth, a bankruptcy filing has only a temporary effect, and Read More

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Creditors Offer Relief to People Who Lost their Jobs During COVID-19

During the recession caused by the pandemic, you probably received some sort of benefit from the government, such as stimulus checks, paused student loan payments or housing-related assistance. But you may still be experiencing financial hardship because of COVID-19’s impact on the economy. If so, you should consider taking advantage of additional debt relief options Read More

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How Did I Get Here and How Do I Get Out? — Handling Debt During a Pandemic

Job losses and a reduction in supplemental unemployment benefits have led people through the Houston area to rely on credit cards and unsecured personal loans to try to make ends meet during the pandemic. Once temporary relief programs expire, many Texans will be facing repossessions, evictions and foreclosures. As debt relief attorneys, we are passionate Read More

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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Your Pending Bankruptcy Proceeding

Every part of the country has been affected by the coronavirus. Like restaurants, arenas and other locations where people assemble for business or pleasure, most courts have been closed. If you are in the midst of a bankruptcy proceeding, your case might be delayed, handled telephonically or be otherwise disrupted due to the pandemic. Furthermore, Read More

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How to Manage Your Credit During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a double-edged blow to the U.S. economy. More than 30 million workers filed for unemployment benefits during the first two months that the coronavirus gripped the country. Although no one could have predicted such a national economic crisis, there are some prudent measures you can take to manage your credit, Read More

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Could the COVID-19 Pandemic Lead to the End of Medical Bankruptcy?

In the middle of an election year where healthcare is already a hotly debated issue, the COVID-19 pandemic has stirred further discussion about whether major changes are necessary. During the Democratic presidential primary, the concept of Medicare for All split the candidates. While the candidate who promoted that concept has since dropped out of the Read More

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David Fernandez is One of America’s Top 100 Civil Defense Litigators

David Fernandez is One of America’s Top 100 Civil Defense Litigators David was chosen due to his stellar results and litigation experience as well as his reputation in the community and with peers.  Less than half of a percent (0.5%) of attorneys in the United States receive this honor. To learn more about the award Read More

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The Most Common Causes of Bankruptcy

Many people may believe that bankruptcy usually occurs because of excessive spending and financial mismanagement, but this could not be further from the truth. The vast majority of bankruptcy petitioners are financially responsible people who find themselves in a financial bind after a run of bad luck that could have happened to anyone. Medical bills Read More

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