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How Long Does Credit Repair and Restoration Take?

An individual’s credit score is based on information compiled in periodic reports issued by the three big credit reporting agencies. The problem for many people is that their credit reports contain incorrect or improper information. If this happens to you, there are remedies available, known as credit repair and restoration. These are methods of disputing Read More

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Removing a Lien Put on Your Home by a Texas Judgment Creditor

Texas law protects homeowners from certain debt collection practices. One of the protections is the “homestead exemption,” which in general prohibits a creditor from forcing the sale of a debtor’s home to collect on a debt. If a creditor nevertheless takes action against homestead property, the debtor has legal remedies available. When a creditor sues Read More

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Debt Collection Defense

Houston debt collections defense attorneys have a very important job, as they are often the only barrier between you and the moneylenders. Although, at the end of the day, there is very little adverse action that a moneylender or debt-buyer can take against you in Texas, a debt collection lawsuit is nothing to ignore. While Read More

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Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

In Texas, a lawsuit regarding an overdue credit card bill can be either a good thing or a bad thing. The outcome is almost completely dependent on how you choose to handle the situation. Credit card lawsuit defense lawyers in Houston can help ensure that the lawsuit has a positive outcome for you and your Read More

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Our Recent Lawsuits Filed Against Creditors
  • "MC vs. Conn's" - $553,000

  • "LC vs. Conn's" - $1,026,000

  • "AR vs. Conn's" - $778,500

  • "BB vs. Conn's" - $672,000

  • "GD vs. Conn's" - $636,000

  • "David Fernandez won my case against Midland Funding. What a relief. Thanks so much" - Anthony

  • "David fought multiple of our suits and won when every other lawyer said it wasn’t possible. So thankful for his services" - Jennifer

  • "This guy is the BEST Lawyer I've ever hired. I've been in business for over 46 years and have NEVER won a lawsuit until now! Highly Recommended" - Ron

  • "Mr. Fernandez was the best! He took care of me when my own company's lawyers program did not. I will always recommend him" - Linda

  • "Mr. Fernandez goes above and beyond to help his clients. I highly recommend his law office." - Lorie A.

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